I’m Back!

Right…so the readers of my blog will be wondering why I named my blog ‘Idlidosa’. Well, I thought of alot from some cathchy phrases, words but couldn’t quite come up with something I liked…something that’s short but tells my readers a li’l about me.

So how does IdliDosa tell you guys what sort of a person am I….well..for starters…it shows that I like Idli and Dosa 😀 i.e., I like the good things in life…not the ones for which we have to spend buckets loads of money…but simple things like having pani puri from the roadside chatwala..buying clothes from shops hidden away in twisty lanes etc etc…Apart from that, I love travelling and Photography. You can check my collection at www.photoblog.com/ramyasajjad

By saying ‘I know my rights’…I am not making a strong statement neither am I going to make this blog a serious one…but ocassionally, I might touch upon serious issues. I used to get deeply disturbed by things that happen around the world. I still do…but now I guess I have found better means of venting my anger, irritation etc…

Apart from that, I also love writing reviews about movies, music and places. I am not scared of expressing my opinion. According to me…a person who is scared to express himself/herself fearing backlash, I consider them to be people without a soul.

Well anyways, I still need to do alot with this blog and I hope to be regular. I am a pretty lazy-being so ‘fingers crossed’…

 Cheerio PPle..


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