Movie Review: The Heart Break Kid

The Heart Break Kid Poster

 Have you ever gone into a movie expecting something good and were embarassed to get out with the rest ‘cuz u didn’t want others look at you and give those uncomfortable looks. It’s happened to me twice..the first when S and I went to watch ‘The Queen’ in which the screen was filled with +60 white couples and we were the only (+20) brown couple watching the movie. While getting out, I didn’t want anyone to see us and wonder why two brownies had come to watch a movie on their queen when their own younger generation preffered to watch Harry Potter (nevertheless, I loved the Movie). The second time it happened was when I went to watch ‘The Heart Break Kid’ starring Ben Stiller. I always liked Ben Stiller’s movies…esp, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and A Night at the Museum, but the Heart Break Kid has brought me to a stage when I will think twice before I watch a Ben Stiller movie again. If you liked movies like American Pie (I and II) and Epic Movie, you MIGHT like this one…only a teeny weeny might. THB is filled with gross humour and sleaze scenes which will only leave you covering your face with your hands and wanting to get out. Though there are a few scenes here with good comedy scenes, the sleaze ones encomapss the good ones with might!

Therefore, keep away from this Heart Break Kid…unless you want to get out of the screen with your head held down in embarassment.


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