Today is AP Formation Day

November 1st is Andhra Pradesh formation day. So here goes a crash course in history about the state I hail from.

Andhra Pradesh,  is the fourth largest state in India by area. It is also called the ‘Rice Bowl of India’ for the extensive area involved in farming. Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The state is divided into three regions, Telangana, Costa and Rayalseema. After India gained Independence from the British Empire, the Nizam of Hyderabad wanted Hyderabad to remain under his power but was later forced to give up arms and become a part of India. I am especially proud since my grand parents were involved in the struggle to fight against the Nizam and were also imprisoned for their actions.

Andhra Pradesh was the first state to be formed on the basis of language due to the efforts of Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu.

On 1st November 1956, Andhra State merged with the Telangana region of Hyderabad State to form the state of Andhra Pradesh, which would be mainly Telugu-speaking. Hyderabad, the former capital of the Hyderabad State, was made the capital of the new state Andhra Pradesh.

Be proud of your heritage, Be proud of where you’ve come from and Never forget what our ancestors did for us.

Telugu Talli

maa telugu talliki mallepoodanDa
maa kanna talliki mangaLaaratulu
kaDupulO bangaaru, kanuchoopulO karuNa
chirunavvulO sirulu doralinchu maa talli
maa telugu …
gala galaa gOdaari kadali pOtunTaenu
bira biraa kRshNamma paruguliDutunTaenu
bangaaru panTalE panDutaayi
muripaala mutyaalu doralutaayi
maa telugu …
amaraavateenagari apuroopa Silpaalu
tyaagayya gontulO taaraaDu naadaalu
tikkayya kalamulO tiyyandanaalu
nityamai nikhilamai nilichiyunDEdaaka
rudramma bhujaSakti, mallamma patibhakti
timmarusu dheeyukti, kRshNaraayala keerti
maa chevula ringumani maaru mrOgEdaaka
nee paaTalE paaDutaam, nee aaTalE aaDutaam
jai telugutalli, jai telugu talli!

PS: Please…no separate telangana etc etc…We are all Andhrites….Let’s live together. Divide and Rule was the motto of Britishers…They have been kicked out but why are we still following in their foot steps?

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