Movie Review: Elizabeth-The Golden Age

Poster of Elizabeth-The Golden Age. Poster downloaded from

 Starring: Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, Geoffrey Rush

Directed by: Shekhar Kapur

Ahh…well…what should I say? Did I like it…Did I not like it….umm….probably I did…naah…I think I didn’t…Oh well, I think I have watched better historic/epic movies than this one, e.g., King Arthur, Troy just to name a few. Elizabeth-The Golden Age movie is about a middle aged virgin queen who is constantly pressurized to get married by her confidants in order to have a heir to the throne. Though she is a strong willed woman and a queen, this movie shows in detail the other issues she had to deal with during her period. She not only has to deal adversities in her failed love life but also has to prepare her country and her armies to go to war against the invading Catholic Spanish who have called for a holy war on England. I personally thought that some of the scenes ended abruptly while some were stretched until I thought the pressure would give in. Music given by A.R. Rahman and Craig Amstrong is pretty decent. The costumes and makeup is sometimes so overwhelming that they take the leading role and the actors are take a back seat. Cate Blanchett has done justice to the role. She potrays very well, the role of a insecure woman who is forced to take decisions she is not completely sure of and how they bother her till the end.

However, if you are a history buff like I am…you can give it a go.

Overall, I’d give it 2.5/5

1 thought on “Movie Review: Elizabeth-The Golden Age

  1. Ah interesting! Nice review. I haven’t been following Hollywood movies for some time now. I’ve always liked Cate Blanchett. I’d be interested in watching her and for the music.

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