Movie Review: StarDust

Stardus Poster. Downloaded from

Starring – Charlie Cox Claire Danes Michelle Pfeiffer Robert De Niro Ricky Gervais Sienna Miller

Directed By – Matthew Vaughn

I went into the screen expecting another Lord of the Rings and came out looking like a fool. I am not to be blamed. After I saw the trailers & when a movie has actors like Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro, you expect it to be even more extravagant, you expect the bad guys to look like OX, your expect a lot of magic, your expect a wizard on a white horse..wait…am I on about LOTR? Gosh!

I don’t relate to fairy-tales anymore…a handsome young prince resucing a princess in distress…blah blah blah…I call it the ‘ghisapita kahani’…tried and tested 101 times. The folks at Hollywood havea very unique way of making such movies…either they make it as a ‘Fantasy’ or use the same story in the 21st century and call it a ‘RomCom’. There were kids sitting infront of us and I could see this young girl clapping and jumping in her seat when the ‘cute looking’ prince kissed his princess.

That’s not for me…I’ve passed that stage…It’s gone…

I think it would be incorrect for me to rate this movie..I’d rather get a kid to do it for me 😀

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