Ho Ho Ho…No Cookies for Saawariya!

Image borrowwed from india-forums.com 

All you guys who’ve been eagerly waiting for the two big diwali releases…I am sad to say that Raja Sen and Arthur J Pais of Rediff have given a stick to Saawariya 😦 and that too a really hard one!

Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me. If you’ve read my review on the movie Elizabeth – The Golden Age, you’ll know what I mean. I knew the extravagant sets and costumes would take over the characters in the movie (i.e., Saawariya) and even when I was watching the rushes…they looked pretty dull and unrealistic….Ranbir dancing in his towel and Sonam hitting carpets with what looked like a baseball club!

S and I watched the ‘Blue Carpet’ premier of the movie on NDTV and S really likes Ranbir…some of my friends dont…they think he looks like a ‘cute girl’ but I think he was OK and S wouldn’t stop singing ‘saawariya ting ting titing…saawariya ting ting titing….’ which got onto my nerves X( …but he wouldn’t stop and then I finally said it…OSO will be a bigger hit than Saawariya…and I gave him the same reasons as above but he was sure Saawariya would do well. Mann! Would he be shattered after reading the reviews…and he only watches a few selective hindi movies….

I am sorry guys. I am sure most of you were expecting ALOTTT from the next Bhansali movie…but I haven’t watched it yet…so my review will be coming up very soon…keep an eye 😀

PS: Don’t fret guys….atleast Bhansali has shown us that dancing in towels is not a women thing…men can do it tooo 😀 and I still maintain that Khamoshi is Bhansali’s best….no extravagant sets…just a simple story and great performances..

Adios Amigos

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