Life in India (vs) Life Abroad

Scenario: A Day at home in India

  • Wake up at 7 AM to the noise of my house-keeper sweeping our vaakili (threshold) or Municipal workers sweeping our street or the vegetable vendor shouting…..koooragayalamma kooragayaluu 😀
  • Open all doors and windows to let fresh air in. Stare out into the beautiful sunrise and walk around threshold staring at people hurriedly leaving for word
  • Say goodbye to neighbours kids leaving for school/college and tell them to be safe and update me on any gossip 😉
  • Read the newspaper with a warm cup of coffee and later switch on the television and browse through the channels only to switch it off later 😀
  • Peep into the kitchen to see what mum is making for breakfast and lunch….also make sure that she doesn’t catch me peeping otherwise she’d ask me to help 😀
  • Get dressed and plan my day only to realise that I don’t have anything important to do 😀
  • Already breakfast time so eat to my hearts content on the idlis and the dosas with yummy sambar and coconut chutney
  • Before lunch, go out with mom to give those chudidaars for drycleaning…pick up some household stuff on the way back, give some clothes for stiching and buy something useless just to annoy my dad 😀 and it’s already lunch time
  • Have a quick nap after lunch to rejuvinate self. Later browse WWW, write mails, chat and all the other useless stuff
  • Neighbours kids come home. Talk to them & update myself on all the gossip. Probably go out for a movie later or for some yummy irani chai
  • Evening is family time. Dinner together with mum, dad and bobby. Talk, talk and talk till we have nothing left to talk about and it’s already late at night.
  • Time to sleep and a beautiful day begins…..

A Day at Home Abroad

  • Wake up at around 9 AM and S would have arleady left for work. Remind myself that I promised to wake up by atleast 7 AM everyday
  • I give myself reasons for not waking up…either it was too cold….or it was raining outside so there was no sunlight….or the alarm didn’t ring 😀
  • Have breakfast….nothing royal…probably a bowl of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nuts with milk or a toast.
  • No opening doors and windows here. You barely catch a person walking around…so better to shut everything and sit in 😦
  • Preapre lunch and it’s already early in the afternoon and S is back home.
  • Chat and have lunch at the same time and S leaves for work again.
  • Clean worktop, wash pots and pans, hoover the place, clothes into washing machine and call parents back home.
  • Ocassionaly go out and meet a few friends in the afternoon….only if it ain’t raining and its not too cold (which is very rare in this part of the world).
  • It’s evening and S is back from work…tired. Make tea/coffee…cheer him up..and go out for movie or dinner otherwise stay at home and talk or watch tele.
  • It’s 10 PM and off to sleep.
  • Another routine (day) begins with sunrise….

Now please don’t ask me why I chose to live Abroad…..


7 thoughts on “Life in India (vs) Life Abroad

  1. Pelli cheskunnaka ee badhalu tappavu kadaa 😉

    Btw, great post. Reminded me of the days back home in hyderabad when i used to wake up by 6:30 am, no questions asked. The morning bed tea. Newspaper. Breakfast. And then work.

    After work, come home, shower, meet friends at an irani cafe, gossip, ciggies, mirchi bajji, samosa, come home, dinner, tv, sleep.

    There is so much time when you are in India. How come time flies so fast abroad is something i have been wondering for the past 7 yrs now.

  2. oh well..yea! But probably being married and living in India would have been even more exciting! Gosh…what life throws at you…you never know! I am becoming philosophical day by day. I should stop!

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  4. I often ask myself where will this end. As every day passes here abroad I loose one day back home where parents would be happy seing me happy playing with my kids and my pals missing me. India Inc is very promising and now it’s really not much of a difference if you say abroad or India money wise. Happiness is being together and I will do that soon, will be back among people who love me for people who miss me. For my parents, brothers, pals.

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