Truly Back!!

Right…so I came back on saturday…after a reaaaly long holiday…which was for abt 2 and a half months. Now I don’t feel like staying here…I want to go back 😦 Weather here is terrible… -5 degree or something…

S is in Czech now…so waiting desp for him to be back so that I can get my life back on track.

One advise to people..if you are living away from home, don’t ever go on a loooooong holiday to see your family! The after effects are terrible!!

So long folks..will be back very soon…I have so much to write about…so many photographs to share…I just can’t wait!!

Hello to a Brand New Start….all over again…. ! 😀

1 thought on “Truly Back!!

  1. I agree with you, I live away my famiky and after several trips to home, I resulted that it is better to stay in the dormitory untill I finish my education.

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