What a proud moment for every Indian! Tata Motors has finally taken over Jaguar/Land Rover for 1 Billion Pounds. Congratualtions to Mr. Ratan Tata. He has made sure that the Indian flags flies high and flies proudly in the Business World.

God bless my country 🙂

A combo of pictures shows the logos of carmakers Tata Motors of India (L), Jaguar (top R) and Land Rover (bottom R) during the first media day of the 78th Geneva Car Show March 4, 2008. Tata Motors Ltd was tight-lipped on Tuesday as speculation mounted that Ford Motor Co was set to announce this week the sale of its luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover to the Indian firm.


7 thoughts on “JLR c/o TATA MOTORS

  1. Yep pretty impressive. I used to live off Browns lane in Allesley, Coventry by Jaguar plant.
    Tata own the steel and now the only profitable car manufacturer in UK.
    Interesting when you consider that cotton clothing were sent from Uk to India and started Gandhi on his quest that toppled Great Britain.
    Juat a UK perspective to add to your elation.
    My link, if you have no objection:


  2. you got the history rt…i dont work for tata co and neither am i related to them (sadly)…but the fact that tata has taken over JLR gives me an immense pride.
    when i first came to the UK to study…my british friends asked me how i could speak english and how i could afford the money to study in the UK…i ws surprised at their ignorance
    we have more to offer than the snake charmers and the elephants 😀

    btw, like ur blog..will def read thru…thou i am not a great fan of football or david beckham 😀

  3. Thanks Idlidosa
    How is Sambar?

    I no footie fan either but a rugby coach. However you just have to admire the fellow for his skill. As for the match tonight it will be interesting if he is on the pitch for even ten minutes.

    I see you are into food and films. I can cope with the food but not the movies.

  4. Ramya
    Not just nose but several minute shin fractures. Such is life. RFU ( Rugby Football Union UK) introduced Kabadi as a traing exercise to imporove breathing.
    Something else for you to be pleased about.

  5. Did Winslie get history right in (1) ?

    I guess, there is difference in teaching that bit of common History between British and India ending up in toppling British.

    As Winslie said, it is only British perspective but when the same thing is viewed from the point of view of India, it is much much .. more than that.

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