Why Oh Why?!

I login to wordpress, check out what my felow bloggers have been upto and then logout. I’ve become so lazy…so lazy that I am watching NDTV Imagine’s version of Ramayan instead of simly changing the channel.

I have decided to take my life under control…and I must have made this decision atleast 100 times before 😀 The weather here is soo crappy! It’s dull, cloudy and to top it all up…it’s also windy! Can it get any worse…oh yes..it can…it aint raining luckily! Weather does have an affect on how you get along with your day to day activities. Apparently, S suffers from SAD aka Seasonal Affective Disorder…but he very well wakes up at 6AM everyday. Probably it’s me who suffers from it and I aint accepting it. Oh how so convinient…blame something or someone for your shortcomings. Now a days there’s a syndrome for everything! You sleep 9 1/2 hours a day…it’s a syndrome…you like wearing black most of the time and that’s another right there 😀 How crazy world has become these days! God save us!

Anyways, since yesterday, I have been listening to two songs continuously. I am not a great fan of Telugu Music. My favourite list starts and ends at Ilayaraja and occasionally Devi Sri Prasad. This is THE maximum extenet I dare to venture…but the two songs I have been listening since yesterday come from Mani Sharma from the movie Chirutha and Pokiri and then I realised I liked quite a few of his songs…like Rovoyi Chandamama starring Nagarjuna and the forgettable Anjala Zaveri.

Here goes


3 thoughts on “Why Oh Why?!

  1. Accept! The weather has been completely crap recently. The only hope now is of seeing the day light for a bit longer in the evenings, after the clocks have gone forward.

  2. Oh, i love the overcast conditions once in a while (as long as iam not getting drenched) 😉

    Nag’s song is good. but Chirutha? eeks… Chiru’s son sucks and sucks big time.

  3. @chintam garu: i agree..apparently, this year there will be exra rainfall than average and an average summer like the rest of the years..

    @Liju: I knoww..I don’t like him either…the only guy I like in ‘tollywood’ is Siddharth 😀 but why do I feel like dancing when I listen to that song 😦 Is something wrong with me 😦 HELP!!

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