Song of the Day :)

Our current Fav!!! and Ileana looks pretty for a change 😛 I personally feel DSP (Devi Sri Prasad) is one of the talented music directors our film industry has.

Watched Jalsa over the weekend. It was OK. Comedy was good…but couldn’t bear PK’s over acting. Why can’t he just act and not over act? HUH! I was also glad that the dubbing artists spoke telugu…and not ‘Vankaratinkari Telugu’. Correct me if I am wrong… but I think the girl who dubbed for Ileana was Colours Swathi….not that I care! Some of the dubbing artists are sooo badd….nangi nangi ga maatladatharu (If anyone can translate the word ‘nangi’ for me into english…please let me know 😀 Njoy!

9 thoughts on “Song of the Day :)

  1. ileana looks pretty for a change?? dude! don’t even say that in jest! she’s so freaking hot i go and catch remakes of telugu flicks. i might even sit through a real telugu movie even if i don’t understand shit. she’s steaming hot! her and parvathi melton! goddamn!!

  2. You liked Jalsa? I thought it was the worst movie of my life along with Tashan. Both i watched streaming on the net 😀 So, the only waste is time and not money…hehehe

    Ileana was ok i believe. For all her beauty, she cannot act to save her life. Sigh. Anyway the life span of a telugu heroine is just 2 years. So, let her make money. Chiru will be 80 then and act with Ileana’s 16 year daughter 😛

  3. Oh, forgot to write about PK, his acting skill are as good as Krishen Kumar. Now you will ask who is this Krishen Kumar fellow. Guess….guess…

    Jog ur brains and tell me 😉

  4. @aniche – arey yaar…i am a duddette. pbly the reason i find ileana ok…and not smashing?? 😛 i never liked parvati melton..i think she looks like an owl 😀 her eyes and nose esp…! well nyways…if you like them both..i won’t be saying anything against them from now 😀

    @Liju: I watched it online too. Comedy bagundi kada 😦 pbly my taste has gone from good to bad 😦 I like Trivikram Srinivas’s movies….like Malleswari, Nuvvu naaku nachav. He writes phatakk dialgoues…fantastic one liners…and Jalsa had quite a few of those..

    PS: I know who Kishen Kumar is 😛 brother of gulshan kumar. He is a so called singer/actor 😛 but did u know that his girlfriend is Sophie CHowdry…the pyar ke side effects girl. HAHA. I got you there didn’t I?

    PS: if you want to act in a telugu movie…u shud either be the son of a star…or a girl with a pretty face. More than enough 😀

  5. Dunno why, but i didnt like Jalsa a bit. i like Trivikram’s movies. Athadu was simply superb.

    For guessing correctly, you are hereby awarded the Bhaskar award (the Indian equivalent of Oscar) 😛 I cant forget the movies Krishen kumar made and how his songs used to flood Chitrahaar during the good old Boredarshan days 😉

    For telugu movies, the girl need not be a pretty face too as long as she is ready to show some skin. For the guy, as long as he is a Reddy, Kamma, Kapu, Naidu etc etc is enough.

  6. A Reddy, Kamma commoner will be given ‘one’ chance…but if u r the son of a super-star…u will get upteen chances…even if your first film bombs at the box office very badly…remember allu arjun’s Gangotri..goshh!!! They tried really hard to make it a hit but failed badly!
    Some of the movies I liked lately…godavari, anand, anukokunda oka roju, bommarillu, NVNV, vikramarkudu, happy days and chandamama…and this list covers the last 5 yrs 😦 bad bad!

  7. @aniche: just out of curiosity…u dont understand a bit of telugu..but you watch them for ileana and other leading ladies? how did you come across telugu movies nyway? hmmm…

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