Movies this Weekend

I love weekends…..’cuz that’s when S and I are out and about without a care in the world…watching movies, eating out etc etc. I am especially excited about today. I will be watching Sex and the CityHarold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay 😀 and then Sex and the City. Being a lady, I know most of you would expect me to watch Sex and the City first…but Harold and Kumar seems to be hillarious and I think Kal Penn is fantastic. Was watching House yesterday and I am soo glad it has Kal Penn. He is the ‘funny bone’ of the show…not that he doesn’t involve in serious talk (medical stuff)…otherwise he wouldn’t have been an intern with House…which means he wouldn’t have been in the show…welll nyways…I am just glad he is there. It is nice to see an Indian American actor getting such a good role…..and not one of the stereotypical one…if you know what I mean.

Coming to Sex and the City. Frankly, I was never a great fan of the show. My life does not revolve just around men, clothes and looking good. A real woman’s life never does. I love the clothes…I love the way they dress up and all…but it stops there. Yes…I do understand that it’s tough to be single after a certain age 😛 …but that doesn’t mean you sleep with every other guy and expect your ‘Prince Charming’ to be one of them.

Anyways, I shall write the reviews for both the movies very soon 🙂 Have a great weekend 😀

4 thoughts on “Movies this Weekend

  1. Oh I also have the same story. Carefree weekends. Just hanging out with family and friends and having fun n movies. I am watching Indiana Jones this weekend. 😀
    I have never watched Sex and the city but I would love to watch the movie. I liked Sarah in The Family Stone. Have you seen that movie?

  2. Sex and the city? My friend offered to buy tickets, but no way am i going to watch the movie. Watched the trailer during Indiana Jones, and was not even appealing to me.

    Watching Harold and Kumar in the evng. Now, that would be interesting since i watched the first one and it was hilarious.

  3. @amit: no..i hvn’t watched the family stone. let me know if you liked indiana jones. I’ve had mixed reviews abt the movie.

    @liju: there’s this thing called the ‘cineworld cinemas unlimited card’ (google it). Basically, the card holders can watch any number of movies in a week and it will cost £11.99 only. So sometimes, we end up watching tamil movies even though it’s jibberish. Isn’t it cool 😀 and sex and the city…so much hype around the movie…why wouldn’t we watch it 😀

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