The Fuss about Telangana

OK…first I was angry…very angry…. but today…I am indifferent. I guess after a while you just get used to all the politicians bickering, acting like they really care about what people want etc etc. I just want everybody to live together…we are telugus right? We are all Andhrites. If we keep dividing out country like this..where will this end? I understand that India will still remain India but then this incident shows the current social psyche of the people of India. For every problem..we think division is the only solution. We differentiate people in the name of religion, caste, region, social status etc etc and forget the fact that we are all INDIANS first. We just need reasons to fight with each other.

Will division of the state solve all the problems that the people of telangana face today? Magar problems kahaan nehi hai…everyone has problems…you go to any district, any town, any city…people face probelms everyday. Is it only the people of Telanaga who face problems everyday?

One thing is clear, the fight is for Hyderabad and Hyderabad only. Nobody cares what happens to the rest of us. Most of us do not want the state to divide because our property prices might go up or go down (depending on which region they were bought). Nobody is bothered about the farmers, the daily wage workers of the region….everybody is fighting for their own selfish reasons. It pains me!

Anyways, it been quite a while since KCR withdrew his fast and ‘Soni amma’ announced the start of the process for the formation of Telangana state….and then there were more fasts, more dharnas, much more damage to property and now congress is in a fix…doesn’t know what to do…which is pathetic! First you make a hasty statement….in the middle of the night…and the very next day scores of MLA’s resign…from the Congress, TDP and PRP. It is just a big pile of shit right now. Our state is one of the largest in the country…please do not divide it 😦 Kalisi Unte Kaladu Sukhamu 🙂 Plzz!

Anyhoo, on a different note, I am eagerly awaiting the release of Avatar. I’ve read some pretty good reviews…apparently the graphics are awesome!! Can’t wait!!!

Review coming up soon!

Later Peeps 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Fuss about Telangana

  1. Hi Idlidosa,
    Read yr views and it sounds a lil jingoistic about the state of AP. Why do you want to igore the historical aspect of the cultural differences between Telangana and the rest of the state. An opportunity for integration was given for the past 50 odd years, yet the chasm seems to have widened.
    Further, Telangana was under a feudal regime of the Nizams whereas the coastal Andhra had been trained under partial democracy under the British within the Madras state.
    The division sought is merely like PARTITIONING of a HINDU UNDIVIDED FAMILY. The family of the Telugu speaking ppl will have 2 or more states and these pangs of division seems temporary but salubrious in the long run.
    Long live Telugu in more states than one. Finally we will have a regional language as the state language of more than one state.

  2. Just a few pointers here…

    1) There is nothing Jingoist about wanting to live together in peace. What Raj Thackeray is doing in Mumbai can be termed as Jingoistic. Will you also coin the three most widely used phrases in Indian Democracy ‘Unity in Diversity’ as being jingoistic? We need to get over our differences and learn to live together.

    2) Though I do agree with you when you say that smaller regions mean easier administration, but are you really so naive to think that once the state of Telangana is formed, the problems of the telangana people will go away?

    3) Why did not the leaders who support separate statehood for Telangana now, irrespective of parties, go on a mass hunger strike to bring justice to the telangana people, be it in jobs, water resources, industries etc? Would this not have done the job?

    4) Most importantly, the announcement made by the Congress Party in the middle of the night just because one person, who does not have any leverage in the AP political system, whose party lost badly in the recent general elections, who did not have the courage to participate in the recently concluded GHMC elections, was fasting was uncalled for. The TRS
    displayed its scare tactis and the Congress party succumbed.

    5) Finally, I will always blame the leaders of a region if that region is termed as being ‘backward’. It is the leaders’ duty to improve the lives of the people they represent. Is this not the rule of law in our day to day life aswell? You need to do your job well, I need to do my job for our companies to grow…if we don’t, we get sacked and so do the people who manage us and the company goes down!

    At the end of the day, everyone is selfish. People just want to fill up their pockets, see their property prices rise and the fight is for Hyderabad and Hyderabad only. Nobody cares what happens to the rest of the regions.

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