Will it be DC’s day?

How did DC manage to lose to KKR? DC is definitely a much better team…atleast on paper. Symonds hasn’t fired yet. Gilly too…Gibbs and Rohit Sharma try…but are failing miserably. DC does not have a strong bowling line up..unlike the Mumbai Indians or Delhi Daredevils. DC will be playing Rajasthan Royals today in a crucial match…and I hope for the best.

I try not to get too involved in the game…but cannot really help it. I also end up getting really angry when I see all these cricketers going out partying after losing a match…and I am sitting in the house and sulking..I mean there should be some kinda punishment for losers rt? πŸ˜€ Like take away their sponsorship…their money…their house..their wives or something…heehehe…now this is what I’d do if I ever owned a franchise…BEWARE!! Muhahhahahaaa

Totally not worth it…me getting involved in the match. I shall try today…and will let ya’ll know what happens…tomorrow of course.


PS: Made some yummy chocolate chip muffins yest…I shall try to douse my anger with them. πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Will it be DC’s day?

    • i was heartbroken after the match…thought rohit sharma would see us through…2 pathetic runs…such a shame! had to watch a jim carey movie to douse my anger! guess this is the end of the road for DC in the IPL….they should not have dropped gibbs i guess..but hey…i am not the coach πŸ˜‰ complete ga IPL ante interest poyindi 😦

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