About Me & Why I Blog

I am a post-graduate wondering if I made a wrong career choice. I get bored easily so I crave for change. I love travelling and photography.

I’m married to a wonderful guy who has all the patience in this world to tolerate my tantrums and mood-swings.

God’s been very kind to me so I try to enjoy my life to the fullest and involve myself in as many useful activities as possible….this blog being one of them.

I could easily be the laziest person you’d come across in your lifetime…so updating my blog on a regular basis could be a rarity if there are no comments….so keep ’em coming 😀

I Love Blogging….

  • because I like sharing my thoughts
  • because ‘am not scared to express my views and opinions and our world could be a better place if people did it more often
  • because I love to write as it gives me peace of mind
  • and occasionally, I might get to meet some interesting and intelligent people I can share my ideas with and who can dare to disagree with me 😉
  • and this could be my only shot at fame 😀
  • and also…as of now I don’t have anything worthwhile to do 😀
  • 🙂

    9 thoughts on “About Me & Why I Blog

    1. \*I love blogging too. I was computer illiterate in february. I’ve started this blog since then. Now I don’t go a day without getting on the computer by writing another poem or just learning something new on blogging or a certain software. I’m still basically a newbie, but I love to learn. Thank you for your encouraging words. rickspoems*/

    2. Hey R,

      Thank you for blogrolling me. I like your photographs. Are you on flickr? I am member of a community called the Hyderabad Photography Club which could be of interest to you.

    3. Hey LB, Thanks for the comments 🙂 I like what you write. I did check out the community but since I am not currently living in Hyderabad wasn’t sure if I could ‘enrol’. I have no pics of HYd 😦

    4. There’s no such criteria for joining the group. You can upload your pics from wherever you are. If not the meets, you can at least participate in the contests that happen every month. I’ve learnt a lot since I joined that group. 🙂

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    6. hey idlidosa..
      has anybody every told u u have luvly eyes like kajols?!
      I dun think u made the wrong career choice.. people change in life.. interests change and doenst always mean that just cause you studied something you need to stick to the same career.. i luv your blogs! luv your pics and you seem to be an amazing chef.. isnt your husband a lucky guy! 🙂
      P.S: this is not your only shot to fame.. you will be very famous in the year 2020 (my tarot card says)

    7. Hey Girl! Where have you been all these years? Ah hem… where was I all these years? I have to say, this is one cool blog. I was googling for some recipe and found this blog. Next thing, I ended up reading at least 4 blogs of yours. It felt like listening to a friend, not browsing through web. Great job! Keep Rocking girl!!

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