Arrgh! Boredd!!

Ok…I don’t have anything to do..and I am terribly bored…don’t ask me why I did not update my blog when I did not have anything else to do..I was just sooo lazzyyy!! Is it the weather?? The dull dulll weather…always grey….sometimes so gray that I have to switch on the lights by 10AM in the morning…or is it the rain…that starts just when I want to go out? It’s everything! Just annoying me soo muchh!!! I look out of my window for some inspiration…motivation and all is see is this brown and grey building and lots of rain X( C’mon already weather Gods…show us some respite…we’ve had enough of this disgusting weather!!! Infact, I was so loww this whole month that I was seriously considering going back to India…just because it’s sunny there…or even to LA 😛 ahh I don’t know…just messed up in the upper compartment.

But the good news is that I am trying to fix it…hence this effort to kick start my blog again….I want to update my photoblog aswell but I currently have no proper photo editing software since the new laptop came and it’s totally annoying…I don’t know..everything annoys me these days…the only thing I look forward to in the day is when hubby dear returns home…but then..time flies as usual and it’s already next day…Grrr!!!

Hybby dear and I travelled to Italy for a week and it was totally awesome! Wish I was on a holiday the whole year…hehee but then I would definitely get bored of holidaying. My mind is wandering too much these days…just cannot concentrate on one single thing…one minute i feel like reading about project management and the next minute I want to do a course in animation 😀 One minute I am writing and the next minute I stop everything I am check my e-mail even though I checked it 30 secs ago… :-/ There…I just did it.. X(

Anyways, today is a new day…and started it well ‘cuz I put in the effort to update my blog…just have to continue it now..

Ciao peeps

Yeh Kya Locha Hai Mamuu!!

Oh man whatta day!!! Why does this always happen to me? I mean really…can’t things just be straight-forward? Only when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…here comes another ‘jhatka’.

I’ve been looking for a job for quite some time now in a very competitive field. I tried really hard after my post-graduation and was also successful in getting interviews almost everytime I applied but then things that were not under my control were taking over…stuff like citizenship etc etc. But I still tried…never gave up until one day it dawned on me that it aint gonna get any better. So took a break for a while and a very interesting PhD project came through. I was never really interested in pursuing a PhD until unless the subject was something which would keep motivated for three very important years of my life. So decided to join the program in 2008 if funding comes through.

Today I got a call from a professor who interviwed me on a couple of occasions and offered a 2 week voluntary work placement in his lab. I need to start next week and it might go on till christmas. The catch is that I am leaving for India in exactly 8 days time. If I do accept his offer, I’ll have to move to another part of the country just for a couple of weeks and live all by myself spending alot money on bnb’s and stuff. S cannot be with me due to his prior commitments in India and we also have a holiday booked to kerala for our anniversary. The 14 days lab experience might not do me much good anyway ‘cuz organisations will definately employ people who’ve had atleast 4-6 months work experience.

So should I cancel all my plans and go to D and work in the lab for 2 weeks or should I go to India and spend time with my family? I know I need a break ‘cuz this career thing has been on my mind ever since I completed my MSc and it also managed to drive me crazy on a few occasions 😉 So a break will definately do me good. But then if I don’t sacrifice my happiness, will I get such opportunities again?

After contemplating for hours, I have decided to go to India and try and rejuvenate myself. Even though there is a teeny weeny thing in my head which says I should probably take up the 2 weeks position…my heart is telling me to go home for a while…get away from all this.

I am sure most of you would have faced similar situations…forced to take tough decisions at the crossroads of life! Some go for you…some go against you. I have taken my decision with full faith in God and hoping that hardwork and patience will pay. Please pray for me 🙂

Watching Lage Raho Munna Bhai now and probably top it up with Bommarillu. What a best way to cheer up 😀

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I hope in the next six months I will look back at this post and laugh 🙂