Go Deccan Chargers!!!


Yayyyy!!!!!!!!! Finally, WE WON!!! Many more to go guys…we can do it…The Unstoppa’bulls’!

Sachin Turns Down Test Captiancy

Ahh…I am happy…really happy! Finally someone who says no to the BCCI. Sachin is a one of the greatest pioneers of Cricket and I am happy that the last few years left in his career can be productive..he can concentrate more on his batting and less on what the media is writing and saying about him…and how can one forget the BCCI…away from all the bloody politics!

Way to go Sachin! 😀

PS: I am sure Rahul will never say ‘yes’ again to any sort of captiancy. The BCCI has treated him without any respect.

Dhoni’s new Hairstyle!!!

Picture borrowed from indiatimes.com

I like NDTV as it’s got the reputation of being one of the most respectable News channels of India…..but I was shocked when the reason behind Dhoni’s new hairstyle was shown as part of the NEWS headlines. As if that wasn’t enough, the folk at NDTV wanted us to decide if Dhoni did it for Deepika Padukone! Wasn’t this stuff supposed to be part of Aneesha Baig’s platter on Night Out?!

I am sorry to say…but I DON’T REALLY CARE IF DHONI GETS A NEW HAIRSTYLE OR IF DEEPIKA PADUKONE IS HIS GIRLFRIEND. Isn’t there any worthwhile news worth reporting?

I thought that the right to spread gossip and rumours (as if it were the tsunami hitting us again) was given to channels like Star News Hindi and Aaj Tak…didn’t know NDTV joined the bandwagon. It’s sad…really sad….