A Very Happy Diwali To All My Readers :)


Diwali or Deepawali tops the list of my favourite festivals…closely followed by Holi. Coming from an inter-religious family, we’ve always preferred festivals which did not involve elaborate pujas or regular visits to temples or mosques. Diwali is something we enjoy immensely as a family. The street I live is transformed into this beautiful diya-lit area over night welcoming happiness and prosperity. Families come out and burn firecrackers and there’s also underlying competitionĀ as to who’s burns the longest ladi šŸ˜‰

Celebrating Diwali away from family is pathetic but I try to make the most of it…and this timeĀ it will be by watchingĀ Om Shanti Om and going out with SĀ šŸ˜€

I hope all you guys have a fantastic and a safe Diwali with your family and friends.

Please remember, support our traditional diya makers. They need us.