Death and Destruction. God Help Us!

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  1. The first thing I saw on tele yesterday morning was NEWS of the Earthquake in China. Atleast 15,000 people are believed to be dead and thousands missing. Most of the vicitims were children who were caught unaware when their school building collapsed in a matter of seconds. Since China implements ‘one-child’ policy, a generation of children have been lost in some of the worst hit provinces.
  2. Day before, I also learnt of the serial blasts in Jaipur, where alteast 60 people are believed to be dead and atleast 150+ injured. The bombs were placed bicylcles parked in busy market areas. One of the bombs placed at Hanuman Temple was defused by the bomb defusal squad. As far as I remember, it was first Bangalore, then Delhi, then Hyderabad, then Ajmer Dargah and now Jaipur. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) should be re-named ‘The World’s Most Unintelligent Bureau (TWMUB)’. My reaction was that of shock when it happened in Delhi and Hyd. Now, I have somehow got used to the NEWS. They are bound to happen in our country…if not today..then tomorrow. I am sure most of us feel this way…since we live in a country where the security system is in shambles and IB seems to be doing nothing about it! It agitates me!
  3. Atleast 32,000 people are believed to be dead and scores unaccounted for due to Cyclone Nargis in Burma but the Burmese Military Junta is not accepting help from foreign authorities for food and aid…inspite of it’s people dying of starvation and illness. God, please give them some sense. First they force their power on the Burmese and now they don’t care inspite of so much suffering. If you want to help, please donate here. I read somewhere…IT IS ONLY THE POOREST THAT ARE HIT THE HARDEST BY NATURAL CALAMITIES.

My prayers are for the families who have lost their loved ones….to give them strength to cope with their irreplaceable loss. It is difficult…very difficult. But if our thoughts are with the vicitims and their families when we pray…it will be easier.

When such things happen, my faith in God is questioned. Why can’t God stop all this from happening?

When Earth Shook!

I woke up with a start! My eyes were heavy..I looked out…there was no light. It was pitch dark. I checked S…bless him…he was fast asleep 😀 I wondered if I was dreaming. I could see the roof shaking…there were sounds too…like a tube was travelling underneath our place…I looked at S again…he was still not awake. This happened for atleast 8 seconds. My eyes were still heavy, full of sleep. It calmed down and I later went back to bed thinking I just had a bad dream.

Woke up the next morning and asked S if he felt any tremors. He was not sure what I was mumbling. Switched on BBC news and realised we experienced an Earthquake measuring 5.2 on the richter scale. It’s origin was about 120 miles from where we live.

It was an amazing experience. I experienced an earthquake once before…whn I was in India but not as severe. It lasted only a coupla seconds.

Hopefully, there won’t be a next time…but if there is…I just want S to wake up from him deep slumber 😀