So….what am I upto these days??

  • Updating my orkut profile with my favourite videos
  • Going on long walks with friends
  • Watching old telugu movies (as of now…its Subhakankshalu)
  • and moan about all the things in my life which are getting complicated day by day

Guess life cannot get anymore boring!

I’ve been really busy with people visiting us and us visiting people since I have returned from India. S and I haven’t had a single weekend alone. I am off again to Shef this weekend to attend Shef Uni’s cultural evening. I used to love dressing up for these occasions when I was at Uni. Now that I’ve given up university life, my very good frnd has invited me to visit her and go on a trip down memory lane.

I have always been a very loud person…I laugh loud and talk loud. I yell and dance when someone is performing anything I like….esp when it is Indian and it’s cultural evening. I am excited. Personally, Shef has a very important place in my heart as that is where S and I met for the first time. Shef was my home away from home for three years. I was just 18 when I left home (India) and travelled abroad to study. With parents 1000 of miles away….the only family I had was my brother and my friends. It was tough in the beginning..coping with being alone, understanding the accent of pple around me. But when all the memories come rushing back, I realise how lucky I am to have such a beautiful life. There were times when I was down and out but all those experiences have made me the person I am today….independent, self-reliant and simple 🙂

Sheffield City Centre (Square) at night