Just another day…and the filmfare awards

Well today…as always…I woke up late…had breakfast and watched 53rd Annual Filmfare Awards because my parents told me it was very funny! Esp Srk’s and Saif’s gig. It was not bad…I admire the way these two manage to poke fun on others and also on themselves. I was happy that Darsheel Safary of TZP won the Best Actor Critics award. He deserved it. I think filmfare awards are almost always rigged….since most of the awards go to the big banners and the big actors even though they haven’t done any worthwhile acting.

Well, this year was probably a little different…SRK for  Chak de deserved it. Darsheel could also have won it..he was fabulous in TZP. Best Film and Best Director went to TZP and Aamir Khan…which was again well deserved. Kareena for Best Actress was not a bad choice either…she was good in the Jab We Met.

I was laughing like a crazy woman whenever SRK and Saif came up on stage! How they manage to annoy so many people and still survive in the industry is a wonder to me 😀

I am watching Amar, Akbar, Anthony….one of my all time fav classic hindi movies. I love the songs…esp Parda hai Parda and My name is Anthony Gonsalves….and Vinod Khanna…how good looking he was in the movie 😀

I am also in the process of updating the pictures to my page. So have a look and let me know if you guys like ’em.

Till then…cheerio, keep smiling and enjoy the music 🙂



Movie Review: Jab We Met

Jab We Met poster from Indiaglitz.com

After watching ‘THB’ we went to watch Jab We Met (JWM) which felt like breath of fresh air. What can I say…I loved the movie and S did too. It was wonderful to watch a movie which did not have any skimpily clad women(except in the song ‘mauja hi mauja’ which can be discounted because of the wonderful music given by pritam), sadistic villians and all the regular rona dhona. What it did have was wonderful acting from both Shahid and Kareena (though I thought Kareena was a little loud in a few scenes), fantastic music by Pritam (I’ve always loved his music, be it Life in a metro, Ankahee or Gangster etc), lovely locales (no…not Switzerland or Paris but our very own India) and the punjabi culture in all its flamboyance!

It’s a cute love story…which you can’t help but fall in love with. A talkative girl full of life (KK) meets a boy (SK) who’s lost everything in life..his girl…his business…everything. The story of their journey and hoe they fall in love is what the Jab we met is all about. You might think it is like any other bollywood movie….and you are not wrong…it is…but want differentiates it from the rest is KK, SK and Pritam and the wonderful direction of Imtiaz Ali. To be frank, I never thought KK and SK made a very good pair…but after watching the movie, I actually felt a little sad wondering why they split (if all the rumours are true)…and Pritam…Woww…whattaa music…you gotta hear it to believe it…so young…so hip…and so full of energy…but at the same time…they will touch your heart…esp…Aaoge jab tum sajna sung by Ustad Rashid Khand and Tum se hi by Mohit Chauhan will leave you yearning for more…and Mauja hi Mauja and Yeh Ishq Hai will make you want to get out of you seat and dance 😀 Though I thought Tum se hi could have been pictursed better…yesh ishq hai…shot in Sikkim ( i think) is a beautifully shot song.

Overall, I give it – 4/5… Go Watch It!