Movie Review: Saawariya

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I saw the movie coupla days ago but didn’t bother writing a review. Thought I’d leave it for when I am really bored 😀

What was Mr. Bhansali thinking when he made this movie??? Really…what was he? It left me dazed. We (S and I) wanted to run out of the theatre at first given chance but alas…I knew I had to write this review to warn you people so tried really hard to sit through it. Once the finishing titles started rolling…we were the first ones to get out…no…run out!

Well…I don’t think this movie deserves a review..because basically…this story could be told in 10 mins. It is something on the lines of Ahista Ahista (remember that movie which has Abhay Deol and Soha Ali Khan?). Essentially, there’s this happy go lucky guy Ranbir Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) with no family or friends behind him and who comes to this godforsaken place to be a muscian. I say godforsaken ‘cuz this ain’t no normal town guys. This town never has a sunrise i.e., no sunlight. There’s only darkness with ocassional rain and snow and it’s always blue..everything is blue..the houses…the cafeterias and even the mohalla of  prostitues. Well anyways, one day Raj bumps into Sakina (Sonam Kapoor)…this ghost like figure who seems to have some sorta chemical locha in her head (as Munnabhai would put it) who goes around dimly-lit alley ways holding an umberella like a ghost (and when she is not doing that…she is dusting carpets with what looks like a baseball bat without closing her nose or her mouth) waiting for her beloved Imaan (Salman Khan) who left her an year ago and promised that he’d return to marry her on the night of Eid. Why she carrys an umberella when there’s no rain and no sunlight and why she goes to the bridge every night when Imaan tells her clearly that he will only return on the night of Eid is above me!!!

So Ranbir loves Sakina…but Sakina loves Imaan (Salman). Imaan doesn’t return on the promised day so she takes shelter in Ranbir’s embrace and asks him to help her get over Imaan. Even though she’s dumped Ranbir once already and he was terribly heart broken, Ranbir readily comes to her rescue and dreams of a future with her. But wallahh…not everything is so straight forward in our movies is it. There we see Imaan on the ghostly bridge waiting for Sakina. So Sakina tells Ranbir to buzz off now that Imaan has come and Ranbir Raj happily agrees 😀 There…story in a nutshell.

As Raja Sen very rightly said in his review, Sonam and Ranbir should have made a debut with a movie like Jab We Met. Sonam and Ranbir are young..and I don’t know why Mr. Bhansali potrayed them…especially Sonam as these sad souls…..especially Sonam…as this creepy psychotic woman who goes around wearing clothes that look like bathrobes  and Sonam…you cannot laugh and cry at the same time…it aint ur cuppa tea…so please stop doing it!

Ranbir is pretty good….he plays the character with ease but not sonam! There was something very artificial about her. I just hope she won’t turn out to be another Aishwarya Rai…the touch me not or I will wither types…

Well anyways, the horror is behind me now…and I am looking forward to some other good movies.

If you guys think otherwise about the movie…lemme know!

Ho Ho Ho…No Cookies for Saawariya!

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All you guys who’ve been eagerly waiting for the two big diwali releases…I am sad to say that Raja Sen and Arthur J Pais of Rediff have given a stick to Saawariya 😦 and that too a really hard one!

Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me. If you’ve read my review on the movie Elizabeth – The Golden Age, you’ll know what I mean. I knew the extravagant sets and costumes would take over the characters in the movie (i.e., Saawariya) and even when I was watching the rushes…they looked pretty dull and unrealistic….Ranbir dancing in his towel and Sonam hitting carpets with what looked like a baseball club!

S and I watched the ‘Blue Carpet’ premier of the movie on NDTV and S really likes Ranbir…some of my friends dont…they think he looks like a ‘cute girl’ but I think he was OK and S wouldn’t stop singing ‘saawariya ting ting titing…saawariya ting ting titing….’ which got onto my nerves X( …but he wouldn’t stop and then I finally said it…OSO will be a bigger hit than Saawariya…and I gave him the same reasons as above but he was sure Saawariya would do well. Mann! Would he be shattered after reading the reviews…and he only watches a few selective hindi movies….

I am sorry guys. I am sure most of you were expecting ALOTTT from the next Bhansali movie…but I haven’t watched it yet…so my review will be coming up very soon…keep an eye 😀

PS: Don’t fret guys….atleast Bhansali has shown us that dancing in towels is not a women thing…men can do it tooo 😀 and I still maintain that Khamoshi is Bhansali’s best….no extravagant sets…just a simple story and great performances..

Adios Amigos

Om Shanti Om (vs) Saawariya

So what will you be watching this Diwali? OSO or Saawariya?

I, for one, will definately first watch OSO (and then top it up with Saawariya). I don’t expect any sense out of OSO (I’ve learnt my lessons after Main Hoon Na) but I have cancelled my Diwali plans with friends just to catch a glimpse of SRK’s bare & toned body 😀 (and also because I am a crazy fan of SRK…not the nerve slitting one though).

Although, I must confess that I am bored of watching Ankhon mein teri..ajab si ajab si on tele…and Deepika Padukone waving in the trailer…SRK’s open mouth and Shreyas Talpade looking as if he’s had a bad hair day (I wonder what shampoo he uses). As if that wasnt enough, I just came to know that an Om Shanti Om Designer Clothes Line and Jewellery Line have been launched. I am fine with the jewellery line…but 70’s inspired clothes? Do they really expect us to go around in flashy clothes and sidelocks that extend till a man’s jawline?

I am trying not to be too critical of OSO…but really guys…I think SRK has marketed his movie enough. Everybody knows the movie is releasing on the 9th of Nov and I am sure many of us will watch the movie even if he didn’t put up this full-fledged promotion package. I mean…first it was Deepika and Farah on Voice of India trying to pretend as if they were really enjoying the proceedings and the contestants dragging Deepika onto the stage even though she was least interested…and later it was SRK who did the same and the whole brigade then movied onto Nach Baliye…WOW! I’d definately be embarassed putting on such a ‘pretentious’ show…but then…if I’d spent crores of rupees making a film…I might aswell show a few jhatak-mataks on stage…;) but just one show plzzz!

Now coming to Saawariya….I like Bhansali’s movies…the extravagant sets, beautiful songs, the picturisation, use of light and colour etc etc (though I wasn’t much impressed with his Devdas. I thought it was a drag) but my all time favourite will be Khamoshi. I watched the music lauch of Saawariya and wondered why it turned out to be a ‘sob’ story. First it was Sonam who started crying….and then it was her parents…Mr & Mrs Anil Kapoor…and as if that wasn’t even…even the lead actor…Ranbir Kapoor started to cry….and this followed by his parents…Rishi and Neetu…and then it was the turn of Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself and the finishing touches were given by Rani Mukherji :(( I mean…was it really necessary? They are kids of star parents…and everybody knows that it is easier for star kids to make it in bollywood….atleast Sonam did not have to go through the process of ‘casting-couch’ unlike many other young women.

I also don’t understand the clothes Sonam is wearing in the movie….She’s got a chunari covering her head…and then she’s got one more wrapped around her shoulders and elbows and her lehenga looks like it’s a kilometer long…ahhh…how can I forget Ranbir dancing in his towel… 😀 Apparently…there was (I say was ‘cuz it has now been chopped by the sensor board) a sequence in one of the song’s where Ranbir’s towel is supposed to fall off….hhhhaaha…Does Sanjay Bhansali expect us to watch the movie to witness Ranbir’s bare bottom 😀

Nevertheless, it is a ‘Bhansali Film’ and I shall definately go and watch it…but only after Om Shanti Om 🙂