A Woman Among Warlords

…..a Woman Among Warlords follows the campaign of a woman running in Afghanistan’s first democratic parliament election in more than 30 years. 27 year-old Malalai Joya, one of the country’s most famous (and controversial) women since 2003 challenged the power of warlords in national politics. Forced to live in hiding and surrounded by armed guards, Joya conducts her parliamentary campaign in the remote desert province of Farah, the heart of poverty in Afghanistan. Despite death threats and assassination attempts, Joya continues to meet with clan leaders, opium kings, and adolescent girls pressured to marry older men. Six years after a U.S.-led coalition overthrew the Taliban, WIDE ANGLE provides unique insight into the politics and culture of a nation almost ruined by war, still ruled by fear, but desperate for change. A Woman Among Warlords is the television version of the celebrated documentary Enemies of Happiness, a film by Danish director Eva Mulvad……

Pic Courtesy of http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/graphics

I watched this documentary on More4 couple of days ago and had been wanting to write about it. We came back after watching Mongol. It was 11 PM…our bedtime. I still had some last minute stuff to sort out when I switched on the tv. I put a reminder for this particular show and was glad I didn’t miss it. The documentary finished at 12.20 AM and both of us were wide awake and S usually dozes off by 10.

There were tears rolling down my eyes. We watched the documentary in awe of the woman, Malalai Joya. Often, we are not grateful for what we have and who we are and this documentary makes us realise just how blessed we are.

It’s true…when the going gets tough…only the tough get going and Malalai Joya is a fine example of this. She is all of 29 and dreams of a better future for her country. In a male-dominated society, she is fearless, strong and out-spoken. She is the voice of thousands of Afghani women who lead a life if desperation…in search of justice and hope. Inspite of innumerable death threats…she still fights for her and the rights of other Afghani women and children. 


A Funny Story…

I was on board a train travelling to MK and engrossed reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when I realised I reached my destination (Yes…yes…I haven’t got around to reading the book yet…I have not been a great fan of HP anyway…). I gathered my stuff and my coat which I kept in the overhead luggage spaces…quickly got off, got into the car and came home. Later that night, I was putting away my stuff when I realised I couldn’t find my coat…my silk coat…and I had someone else’s winter coat in my hand!!!

I ran to S and told him what happened…he analysed the coat like Sherlock Holmes would and told me it belonged to a Chinese or a Japanese lady ‘cuz it had something in their language scribbled on it…and also warned me that the lady would be pretty annoyed with me..as if i didn’t know already 😛

I am not sure if I am still angry ‘cuz I have a strangers coat at home or because I lost my precious one 😦 Well anyways…I don’t expect her to find me and get her coat back…so decided to give it off to charity…unless, the lady reads this blogs and gets in touch… 😀