The Semis

First post from my iPhone. Trying to find out if long posts are possible from the iphone….length wise. So, Deccan is out of the finals but we can still fight for the third place. I was not totally disappointed since I dis not expect DC to make it to the finals. Our batting has been really bad but bowling was awesome … most of the matches. Chennai did a really good job but overall the semis were quite boring. I was expecting the matches to be quite close….fighting it till the last over but they ended quite predictably. Last years semis were nerve wracking. Hopefully the finals will not be so one-sided.

Just finished watching the leaders debate. How desperate politicians bacome before and during the elections….sophisticated begging I call it…..full Of Lies. Brown did well from last week, Clegg was ok. Cameroon was so so. Now the news channels are rolling the results of the various polls. Last year it was the Indian elections and this year the British elections. May 6th is the big day!

Anyways, looking forawrd to the weekend. Apparently, it’s going to be really sunny. We’ll
Be going to birmingham temple this sat. Looking forward to a nice summers’ day with the setting of a beautiful temple.


What a match it was yesterday in the IPL! I was already excited since Deccan Chargers won over Delhi Daredevils…infact, I thought they were close to loosing when RP Singh dropped the catch for Dinesh Karthik…but when Symonds got him…I knew it was all done!Symo does scare me a little bit but cannot help but admire the way he gets involved in his matches…especially when he’s playing for DC!

WOW…the second match…jithna bolun, uthna kam hai. Frankly, I wanted CSK to win…a southie team after all and I am also really tired of these Bollywood actors (IPL owners) coming along to watch matches with their Bollywood buddies and acting like they own the IPL and the stadium…but when it went into the super over….it didn’t matter to me….I was just glad that it went into the super over! 😀 😀

Hubby and I were on the edge of our seats. I can only imagine the despair Chennai supporters must have been subjected to after the loss….but it was a great match! Thank God they did not have the silly bowl outs to decide who wins…the one I saw during the first T20world cups between India and Pakistan. It was a big Joke!!

Anyways, I hope this IPL turns out to be more interesting and exciting…obviously with DC winning it at the end 😀 😀

I have had a very very busy week…so looking forward to some relaxing time ahead…but will keep updating my blog accordingly 🙂

Cheerio Pple!