Random Thoughts…

  1. Over the week, my thoughts lingered around the killing of 75 Jawans in Dantewada. I just could not understand how something like this could have happened? Heights of intelligence failure. It was right of the Home minister to tender his resignation…it is shameful and such incidents should not happen ever again. Can you imagine, our county has lost 75 of its bravest citizens. What a Loss! But what surprises me the most is that the public seems to have coolly moved on. I cannot help but draw parallels between the Mumbai attack and Dantewada massacre. When Mumbai happened, public was on the roads…angry…and they wanted answers. We turned out in our thousands…there were candle light vigils up and down the country..people were in mourning.  Why is it that we did not see such a reaction in response to this incident? Does the Jawans lives mean nothing to us. Is it because they do not speak English…or because they are not from big cities? We should be ashamed as a nation for letting this happen. I am not saying that naxals should be wiped out etc etc…I am not qualified to make any suggestions of such sort…but I feel this should not have ever happened. Cannot help but wonder what would have happened if 75 cops/security people were killed in UK (where I live)….would it have happened in the first place and even if it did…how would the government have reacted?
  2. I don’t feel like writing about the IPL any more. Somehow, seems very irrelevant. DC plays Bangalore today…and I hope they win. I was totally excited yesterday but after writing about Dantewada, IPL? Nahh! Don’t feel like it.
  3. I have decided to get an iPhone and not Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 as I posted in my earlier post. I went to a mobile store over the weekend and tried out a variety touch phones…and iPhone at the end of my inspection…and realised it’s so much more better than the rest. There are some cool apps….don’t know if I will use any but it’s nice to have them and some other interesting stuff!
  4. The weather kind of improved over the weekend but it’s dull and gloomy now…nothing new there but worth a mention 😀

Anyways, I want to end this post on a cheerful note, so here goes a very funny scene from Whose Line Is It Anyway..


Win Win Win!

Ahh…finally a win for the Chargers. I actually did not watch the match since I was busy ‘gymming’ 😀 My dad sent me a text which read ‘are you happy now?’ Oh my…did DC do it?’ -was my first thought! I still did not want to believe it…so went online on my ancient phone to check the score and we did do it!!! Three cheers to Suman for breaking the bad spell in the most important match. I only wish that they end up winning the remaining matches and atleast make it to the semis. It was nice to watch Venky cheering the team….high time we got our tolly celebs to do some of the cheer leading work 😀

Don’t know why I am so obsessed with the IPL. It’s not like INDIA is playing…just some stinking rich teams playing for money…not so much for pride….aahh well..some entertainment is better than none 😉

Planning to buy a new phone in the next couple of days. The husband wanted me to go for an iPhone but somehow…I am totally put off this piece of machine since almost everyone has it now. Wherever you go, the talk is about the iphone..you NEED to have these days to be part of the IT crowd…(cannot stress NEED and IT more). It’s become like a status symbol or something. So I planned to get a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Looks quite sleek and apparently does all the things the iPhone does. So why not? I will leave iPhone to the husband.

Hearing some really bad songs of the maestro Illayaraja. I know…it’s wierd…didn’t know he composed such silly tunes. Here’s one:

The weather seems to be improving….kisiki nazar na lage 😉 Looking forward to a sunny weekend!


Update on IPL

So..DC lost again and what a close match it was. I genuinely thought Rohit Sharma would see us through. He’s talented and keeps cool under pressure but I was heartbroken when he was not able to score 2 runs of the last ball. Pain Pain Pain! I think DC is as good as being out of the competition. TOday, they take of Royal Challengers Bangalore in Bangalore 😀 Now, isn’t that interesting. It is easy for fans to say that you need to support your team even if they are on a losing spree. True but I cannot be optimistic. I don’t think DC can win today’s match. Taking on the runner’s up from last year in their home city is no easy task and B’lore desperately need to win this match for a place in the semi final.

DC is such a good team on paper…one of the best. But in this series, they seemed so lethargic. SYmonds only got some starts but could not capitalise on them….but hsi typical batting style did not come across…it was almost like he was scared to go for the big shots. Though the bowlers did a bad job in the last couple of games, they did come back in the last one by restricting the Rajasthan Royal to 160+ We’ll have to wait and watch what happens today. I was quite surprised to see Delhi Daredevils lose to Kolkata Knight Riders. IF only Sehwag lasted till the end…it could’ve been a different result. Since DC won’t make it to the finals…my next favs to win the title would be DD and CSK 😀 Fingers Crossed!!

We had a relaxing break over the long weekend…baking muffins, watching movies, eating out and general lazying around 😀 The weather seems to be improving and apparently it will be sunny this weekend…I hope I hope!!!

Finally, my prayers and thoughts are with the families of the 75 CRPF men killed in Dantewada. Such a tragic loss of young brave men. When will peace prevail?


Will it be DC’s day?

How did DC manage to lose to KKR? DC is definitely a much better team…atleast on paper. Symonds hasn’t fired yet. Gilly too…Gibbs and Rohit Sharma try…but are failing miserably. DC does not have a strong bowling line up..unlike the Mumbai Indians or Delhi Daredevils. DC will be playing Rajasthan Royals today in a crucial match…and I hope for the best.

I try not to get too involved in the game…but cannot really help it. I also end up getting really angry when I see all these cricketers going out partying after losing a match…and I am sitting in the house and sulking..I mean there should be some kinda punishment for losers rt? 😀 Like take away their sponsorship…their money…their house..their wives or something…heehehe…now this is what I’d do if I ever owned a franchise…BEWARE!! Muhahhahahaaa

Totally not worth it…me getting involved in the match. I shall try today…and will let ya’ll know what happens…tomorrow of course.


PS: Made some yummy chocolate chip muffins yest…I shall try to douse my anger with them. 😀


What a match it was yesterday in the IPL! I was already excited since Deccan Chargers won over Delhi Daredevils…infact, I thought they were close to loosing when RP Singh dropped the catch for Dinesh Karthik…but when Symonds got him…I knew it was all done!Symo does scare me a little bit but cannot help but admire the way he gets involved in his matches…especially when he’s playing for DC!

WOW…the second match…jithna bolun, uthna kam hai. Frankly, I wanted CSK to win…a southie team after all and I am also really tired of these Bollywood actors (IPL owners) coming along to watch matches with their Bollywood buddies and acting like they own the IPL and the stadium…but when it went into the super over….it didn’t matter to me….I was just glad that it went into the super over! 😀 😀

Hubby and I were on the edge of our seats. I can only imagine the despair Chennai supporters must have been subjected to after the loss….but it was a great match! Thank God they did not have the silly bowl outs to decide who wins…the one I saw during the first T20world cups between India and Pakistan. It was a big Joke!!

Anyways, I hope this IPL turns out to be more interesting and exciting…obviously with DC winning it at the end 😀 😀

I have had a very very busy week…so looking forward to some relaxing time ahead…but will keep updating my blog accordingly 🙂

Cheerio Pple!