It’s Happened Again!!

Okhay….now I am annoyed BIG TIME!!!! I got a new adapter for my laptop and that’s screwed too!!! Why…why is this happening to me? I am soo *&*%£$*&!!!! I desparately want to update my blog about the happenings over the weekend and the bloody laptop keeps dying!!!

Laptop Adapter is Screwed!!

I am soo annoyed!!! Infact, I think I am the one to be blamed. I physically abused my laptop’s adapter by pulling it, pushing it and ocassionaly throwing it on the floor…now it is refusing to work. I ordered a new one…but some bloody problem with that aswell. So as of now, I am on the ‘daya-dakshinya’ my S’s laptop which is available only in the evenings 😦

I want to upload so many pics but not able to do so :(( Hopefully, I will get a new adopter very soon…

Blogging Break

So…I am off to D for four days starting on monday and will be travelling to India on friday. I’ve been offered a 1 week placement 😀 Remember… my last post….I said I wasn’t sure if I should take it up or not cuz it was for 2 weeks and I’d have to cancel all my plans….spend lotsa money etc etc….the lab director offered a 1 week position today.

I know it is not for a long period but decided to take it up… that I could travel to India with a clear conscience.

I’ll try and update my blog when possible. It’s going to be an exciting week ahead 😀

Yeh Kya Locha Hai Mamuu!!

Oh man whatta day!!! Why does this always happen to me? I mean really…can’t things just be straight-forward? Only when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…here comes another ‘jhatka’.

I’ve been looking for a job for quite some time now in a very competitive field. I tried really hard after my post-graduation and was also successful in getting interviews almost everytime I applied but then things that were not under my control were taking over…stuff like citizenship etc etc. But I still tried…never gave up until one day it dawned on me that it aint gonna get any better. So took a break for a while and a very interesting PhD project came through. I was never really interested in pursuing a PhD until unless the subject was something which would keep motivated for three very important years of my life. So decided to join the program in 2008 if funding comes through.

Today I got a call from a professor who interviwed me on a couple of occasions and offered a 2 week voluntary work placement in his lab. I need to start next week and it might go on till christmas. The catch is that I am leaving for India in exactly 8 days time. If I do accept his offer, I’ll have to move to another part of the country just for a couple of weeks and live all by myself spending alot money on bnb’s and stuff. S cannot be with me due to his prior commitments in India and we also have a holiday booked to kerala for our anniversary. The 14 days lab experience might not do me much good anyway ‘cuz organisations will definately employ people who’ve had atleast 4-6 months work experience.

So should I cancel all my plans and go to D and work in the lab for 2 weeks or should I go to India and spend time with my family? I know I need a break ‘cuz this career thing has been on my mind ever since I completed my MSc and it also managed to drive me crazy on a few occasions 😉 So a break will definately do me good. But then if I don’t sacrifice my happiness, will I get such opportunities again?

After contemplating for hours, I have decided to go to India and try and rejuvenate myself. Even though there is a teeny weeny thing in my head which says I should probably take up the 2 weeks position…my heart is telling me to go home for a while…get away from all this.

I am sure most of you would have faced similar situations…forced to take tough decisions at the crossroads of life! Some go for you…some go against you. I have taken my decision with full faith in God and hoping that hardwork and patience will pay. Please pray for me 🙂

Watching Lage Raho Munna Bhai now and probably top it up with Bommarillu. What a best way to cheer up 😀

image borrowed from

I hope in the next six months I will look back at this post and laugh 🙂

No Sex On Board Please!!

Now, everybody is aware of the Jumbo Jet Airbus A380 and it’s first flight from Singapore to Sydney. Apparently, passengers have been warned not to indulge in sexual activities on their very comfortable double-beds. 😀

For all those lovely couples who cannot keep their hands off their partners….please minimise the harmonal activity. You never know where a photographer is sneaking to get the million dollar picture…..

A Funny Story…

I was on board a train travelling to MK and engrossed reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when I realised I reached my destination (Yes…yes…I haven’t got around to reading the book yet…I have not been a great fan of HP anyway…). I gathered my stuff and my coat which I kept in the overhead luggage spaces…quickly got off, got into the car and came home. Later that night, I was putting away my stuff when I realised I couldn’t find my coat…my silk coat…and I had someone else’s winter coat in my hand!!!

I ran to S and told him what happened…he analysed the coat like Sherlock Holmes would and told me it belonged to a Chinese or a Japanese lady ‘cuz it had something in their language scribbled on it…and also warned me that the lady would be pretty annoyed with if i didn’t know already 😛

I am not sure if I am still angry ‘cuz I have a strangers coat at home or because I lost my precious one 😦 Well anyways…I don’t expect her to find me and get her coat back…so decided to give it off to charity…unless, the lady reads this blogs and gets in touch… 😀